Multi Cultural Week 2023

We had a wonderful time celebrating Multi Cultural Week in early November. We had story telling, cultural showcases, language lessons and even a slide shows of the indigenous wild animals of Australia.

We celebrated Polish and Russian cultures thanks Lydia and Rafal, with the help of Nicholas and Mia. They delivered a fantastic cultural showcase in our hall where pupils got to taste traditional Polish and Russian food. A big thank you to the Kurowski family.

We had a special assembly in the Halla and talked about the countries that are special to some of our pupils. We used Google Earth to locate each country on the globe and studied how far they are from Ireland.

We explored the culture of Nigeria with Emopin and Piya, parents of Temi Aiyenuro. They shared the many traditions of Nigeria, and Emopin retold and sang a traditional musical folk tale.

Evan and Logan Jenning’s mum, Maja, visited the classrooms to give a presentation on her native Bolivia. She also taught some simple phrases in Spanish. Thank you Maja.

A huge thank you to all of the families who gave so generously of their time during a very special week of learning and celebration in our beautiful school.